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Beneficio: Orgiva’s hidden community of hippies and flower children

We went in search of Southern Spain’s mysterious hippie community and discovered a way of life that was different to anything we’d experienced before… Beneficio is a community of people from all over the world living in La Alpujarra mountain range. There’s so much to say about this enchanting place that it’s difficult to describe in a blog post, it […]

You’ll be amazed by the work this couple did on their self-build campervan whilst on the road in Andalucia, Spain

We traveled southern Spain with Jay & Renée who are in the middle of converting their Portuguese registered 1993 Nissan Trade van. Our approach to building a motorhome and taking it travelling was very much slow and cautious. We took our time getting everything about the build perfect and saving up a target amount of money before even thinking about setting off on […]

Galicia – “The land of a thousand rivers”

As well as enjoying the amazing beaches of Galicia we also ventured inland for some refreshing river swimming and relaxing bathing in natural thermal pools. For a long time we’ve loved river swimming and where we lived in the UK we were lucky enough to take our pick of rivers and beaches across South West England and Wales. Daniel Start’s Wild Swimming book really sparked […]

Celebrating San Juan in Panxon, Galicia

On the 23rd June, during the week of the longest day of the year, Spain is lit up with bonfires, bbqs and partying to celebrate San Juan. Another on our ever-growing list of reasons to love Spain – the celebration of San Juan is one of the craziest and most fun events we’ve ever experienced! Around this time of year […]