We are Dee & Simon a couple of UK based van dwellers who love to travel, create and build rustic adventure mobiles.

Since we first met just over ten years ago we’ve shared a big love of camping and being outdoors. Our first experiences of wild camping were pitching tents at any secluded spots we could find around Hampshire and Dorset whilst at college and uni. Even though this was one of our favourite things to do we were focussed on getting degrees and eventually jobs, so the time we spent exploring the outdoors decreased and our priorities shifted to starting careers and paying rent.

We spent a few years living out the normal routine of renting a house, going to work Mon-Fri and making the most of weekends, but we kept feeling like there had to be an alternative way of living that would better suit us.

Simon had always liked the idea of living in a van and considered it as an option whilst living on a budget at uni but we didn’t know anyone that had done it and weren’t convinced it was a realistic idea. We started looking in to it online and the more we saw the more inspired we were to start our own project.

We found a few blogs like Deep Red Motorhome and Van Dog Traveller and joined the SBMCC forum. Reading about people who were making vans their homes got us really excited!

Simon spent years researching the perfect van to convert and eventually decided on a Fiat Ducato. We found a second hand one that had been used by a carpet fitting company and after lots of apprehensive mulling it over we took the plunge and bought it.

At first our self-build motorhome project was about creating our perfect living space in a van. We weren’t totally certain about where it would lead but knew that it was the first step towards a whole new lifestyle.

We started taking our van out at the weekends and sleeping in it when we visited friends or went to gigs, with only a matress and camping stove in the back. We quickly fell in love with the freedom it gave us and found ourselves spending more and more time in the van, until eventually we decided to give up our house completely and live in the van full-time. It seemed a bit scary and even like a reckless idea but we knew it was the right way to live for us and it’s made us the happiest we’ve ever been.

We’d always talked about travelling but were never sure how we’d go about it – where we’d go, where we’d stay, how we’d pay for it, how long we’d be able to do it for…living in our van seemed to be the answer to almost all of these uncertainties.

We’ve been living in our van since October 2015 and in May 2016 we finished the build, quit our jobs and started our first big adventure of travelling in our van. We spent an amazing nine months travelling across Europe and even made it to Morocco.

Now we want to give others the same freedom and adventure that’s become such an important part of our lives by building handcrafted homes-on-wheels that are completely custom and personalised. We have a beautiful workshop where we love to welcome visitors interested in van life! If you’d like to come and have a look, please get in touch.

Dee & Simon x

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