Top blogs to follow for #vanlife dreaming…

As life under lockdown becomes the new norm, thoughts of driving across borders, exploring foreign cities and soaking up the freedom of life on the road can feel like an all too distant memory.

Loving life on the road in 2016 when we drove through the Picos de Europa, Spain

It may be some time before the adventures can continue in real life but we can still dream and escape to exciting new places through the online videos and blogs of van dwellers.

For anyone who needs to satisfy their virtual wanderlust or just find relief in a bit of escapism, here are some of our favourite #vanlife accounts to follow…

The Indie Projects – Theo & Bee are alternative living veterans and there is a treasure trove of adventures to explore in their backlog of blog posts and Youtube videos. You can go back and watch videos from their years of living in vans, a houseboat and on their own land in Portugal. Their tenacious positivity and enthusiasm makes you want to watch video after video and see them overcome some awesome challenges whilst still smiling and working together as a team. Their videos are stunningly shot and they also have a series of beautiful van tours if you’re looking for some conversion inspiration 🙂 We particularly like the videos of their travels in their little VW T4!

Beyond the Van – Brimming with useful information and tips for living on the road, we’ve taken a lot of advice and inspiration from Richard and Phoebe’s blog and videos. It’s amazing to watch Richard’s flexible approach – when you’re travelling abroad and reliant on a vehicle for basically everything, inevitably sometimes things don’t go as planned! We love watching Richard’s ability to adapt and find solutions to keep the wheels rolling!

From Rust to Road Trip – This blog has some beautiful photography and storytelling through vivid descriptions of travels across Europe in an LDV Convoy. Lucy & Ben have also faced their share of breakdowns, scuppered plans and general mishaps but their passion for adventure and desire to keep going is infectious. They’ve ventured out to some obscure and extraordinary places that you almost wouldn’t believe it possible to reach in the humble LDV.

Victoria’s Creative Kitchen – Another fantastic ‘real van life’ account, Victoria demonstrates the incredible power of creativity when cooking from a small camper kitchen. It’s wonderful to watch the recipes change as Victoria moves from country to country, making the most of the fresh ingredients on offer from local markets that she visits along the way. Her delicious vegan recipes are amazing, whether you’re cooking from a campervan or a fully equipped household kitchen!

Bike Ramble – Not quite van related but seeing Jamie’s intrepid cycle tour across continents will certainly spark a desire to seek out new and exciting places in any wannabe adventurer! It’s another great example of the epic feats that can be achieved when you’re pursuing a sincere passion.

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