Building a pallet wood record player cabinet with Joe

Over one weekend we turned £8 worth of pallets and a hand full of nails into a stunning cabinet to hold a Bang & Olufsen BeoMaster 2000 record player.

Last November, after having lived in the van for a month, we came to a bit of a halt with the build. Things seemed to keep going wrong and the cold of winter was just setting in, so we were finding it hard to motivate ourselves. We decided to have a weekend off and do something that we really enjoyed – play with pallet wood!



Joe, a friend from uni, shares our appreciation for pallet wood and was thinking about building a cabinet for his pride and joy 1980s Bang and Olufson BeoMaster 2000 record player, using our favourite reclaimed material.

The B&O is a beautiful system that’s provided the soundtrack to many great nights in Joe’s flat and he’s built up a wicked record collection, so it was only right to honour this past-time with a handmade cabinet to show it all off.

Joe worked on a design and came up with an outline of how he’d like the cabinet to be built, divided in to three sections – two parts for the B&O and an upright section in which he’d line up his vinyl.


The cabinet was going to be quite rough and rustic, held together with exposed nails and stood on two sections of raw rolled steel channel, which contrasts really nicely with the sleek futuristic design of the B&O.

We built the whole cabinet in one weekend which was a bit of a push as several hours were spent breaking pallets (and several more were spent in the pub on Saturday night…).


It was a really fun project and a good opportunity to work on our furniture building skills, as we still had some shelving and storage to make for the van conversion.


Shopping list

  • 4 pallets at £2 each
  • 2 lengths of steel channel, or more pallet wood if you want.
  • 1 handful of nails


  • Circular Saw, the job could be done just as well with a hand saw if that is all you had
  • Drill & Hole Saw
  • Hammer

That’s it! It’s pretty basic but we’re very happy with the results and most importantly, we think Joe is too…

IMG_0728 (1)

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