From work van to wild van in 22 photos

Over 18 months we converted a used carpet fitters van into our dream home

WildVan 160616 001

The first day – Van came fitted with a raised floor & rough ply lining which all needed to be stripped out.


WildVan 160616 002

Getting stuck in removing the raised floor


WildVan 160616 003

Ready with our blank canvas – now the real work can start!


WildVan 160616 004

Letting some light in – we cut two holes in the roof for the windows.


WildVan 160616 005

Prep work before the insulation went in.


WildVan 160616 006

Seemingly never-ending insulation…


WildVan 160616 007

Insulating from top to bottom with a full vapour barrier.


WildVan 160616 008

First things first – we needed somewhere to sleep.


WildVan 160616 010

Testing out our future bathroom facilities…


WildVan 160616 009

Starting to take shape, the bathroom walls went up.


WildVan 160616 011

Sealing everything off in the bathroom.


WildVan 160616 012

Dreaming of no longer cooking on a camping stove.


WildVan 160616 013a

Building the kitchen framework.


WildVan 160616 014

Getting our first taste of pallet wood love.


WildVan 160616 015

Starting to feel more like home.


WildVan 160616 016

We needed a place to put our stuff…


WildVan 160616 017

More pallet wood!


WildVan 160616 018

The joy of working with vans quirky shapes…


WildVan 160616 019

Ready for the first coat of paint.


WildVan 160616 020

Several coats later…



Our first night enjoying the finished van at Stonehenge.

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3 thoughts on “From work van to wild van in 22 photos

  • Stuart

    Sorry if this has been answered here, I just found your site from vandogtraveller.

    How many hours a week were you working on this, roughly. I desperately want to do this but I can’t do it over 18 months, 6 tops.

    I was also thinking about getting the basics in (insulation, flooring, kitchen, maybe bathroom) and then adding to it later after i had been on the road. Do you think this would be practical? -it’s just me and i don’t mind roughing it a bit.

    Thanks. Also sorry about the spelling etc I’m on a mobile.

    • wildvan1 Post author

      Hi Stuart,

      Its hard to put a number of hours on it, we probs put in 10-20 hours a week for 12 months. When we had solid blocks of time to work on the van things progressed really quickly.

      We custom made all the parts of our fit-out which added hours / days / weeks to the build. You could certainly do a much quicker build if you stripped out a caravan, but this wasn’t the look we wanted.

      With regards to living in your van whilst still working on the build, but for us it dramatically slowed down the build. That being said, if we could do it again we would have moved into the van sooner and started saving our rent money. Check out our post How to live in a van whilst working full-time